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June 2023


Preparing for the Future: Prioritizing Safety
in a Context of Strong Growth

Dear Colleagues,

The ability of Operations to adapt to new challenges is an absolute necessity. After these past disrupted years, we are starting afresh with numerous challenges and just as many projects.

In this context of significant activity growth, the safety of our employees must be our top priority and a constant area of improvement. The trend at the beginning of this year is heading in the right direction.

At the same time, we must uphold our commitments to our clients while also preparing for the future through our investments. In 2023, we will see a significant increase in our capacity, particularly in the field of overall projects and high power.

Preparing for the future also means improving our environment. In addition to the widespread use of green fuel HVO for our tests, we are initiating the first phase of smoke treatment for our test benches.

150 words are not enough: I reserved the last ones to express my gratitude to all the Operations teams and each and every one of you for your constant dedication.


« The future is not what will happen but what we will do  » ( H.Bergson)

Thierry Berquez

Operations Director, KPS EMEA

Business performance

Kohler Co News

New business group name, same quality, service, and reliability: Kohler Energy

We are changing our business group name from Kohler Power to KOHLER Energy. We were functioning as a federation of businesses From now on, all Business entities of Kohler Energy will represent the Kohler brand. Kohler Energy will contribute and leverage the Kohler brand equity by becoming a recognized leader in the energy sector that drive resiliency, reliability, sustainability, and innovation.

Kohler-SDMO already transitioned to the Kohler brand name in 2022, so there will be no significant changes expected.

Success story

Watch how KOHLER rose to the challenge

Our latest YouTube video demonstrates how we can handle large-scale data center projects.
Sit back and be amazed!

  • 756 tons of material handled over 45 days
  • A total of 72 generators with a capacity of 131 MW, installed on the roof of a huge new data center
  • Generators chosen for their advanced, low NOx emission engines
  • Facility runs on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) – a low carbon renewable fuel

 New launch

New QR code streamlines aftermarket support services

We are introducing a new QR code system to mark our range of industrial generators which will enable customers to activate warranties quicker and easier than ever.

The code, embossed on units ranging from 6 to 4500kVA, can be scanned with a smartphone at the end of the commissioning process, allowing individual gensets to be registered within minutes.

Technicians can also apply the QR code retrospectively to any existing fleet.

In short, it will mean better support for end customers and distributors throughout the product life cycle.

Environment, Health and Safety news

Security : Encouraging Figures and the Security Team Awarded

On March 28th and 29 th, 2023, the EMEA EHS Summit was held in Cheltenham, UK. This annual meeting is an opportunity for the various EHS referents of the Kohler sites to discuss their best practices in terms of EHS (Environment, Health and Safety).

Furthermore, this year the Kohler Brest site received the safety prize to reward the implementation and follow-up of its field safety audits called « safety tour » and the organization of the continuous improvement day « CI day » on this theme with the deployment of the action plan related.

Congratulations and thank you to all the Kohler Brest teams for their daily involvement in these safety actions.

Portable News

Kohler generators come to the aid of the Philippine coastline

Kohler motor pumps were present to assist in the cleanup of the Philippine coastline following the sinking of an oil tanker in February and the subsequent contamination of water with hydrocarbons. The effectiveness and quality of Kohler motor pumps were chosen to support this cleaning and preservation work.

Human ressources and well being at work

Sports at Kohler PS EMEA: Every Tuesday at Noon, and It’s Free

Are you looking to engage in sports but find yourself short on time? Participating in sports at Kohler might be the ideal solution for you!

Our coach, Nicolas, a certified state sports educator, provides 45 minutes of exercises tailored to ALL fitness levels, including muscle strengthening, core training, and stretching. Guaranteed benefits await!

Not only sports help manage stress and prevent musculoskeletal disorders, but it also promotes overall well-being by preventing sedentary-related chronic diseases. Additionally, it offers opportunities for social interaction, exchanges, and letting go, all accompanied by a cheerful atmosphere. We all have a good reason to get involved.

Courses are open to everyone (permanent employees, temporary workers, interns, apprentices) every Tuesday during the lunch break from 12:15 PM to 1:00 PM at the Conference Center.

For those working remotely or located outside of Brest, all sessions are accessible via Teams. If you are working in a shift system (2/8) and wish to participate, let us know!

Courses are open to everyone

(permanent employees, temporary workers, interns, apprentices)

every Tuesday during the lunch break

de 12:15 PM to 1:00 PM,


For more informations

The Eye of the production

A Growth Challenge and a diversified Production: Immersion in Nef 4

At K2, we have 5 main production streams: panels, portable, standard Line, Nef 4, and high power GV. While these streams are easily recognizable by their names, there is one that is associated with a physical location rather than a product: Nef 4. In reality, Nef 4 encompasses several sectors forming a « U-shaped » flow: assembly in Nef 4 (the 4th wing of the K2 factory), testing on GK and GX benches (27 bases), and final finishing and quality control in Nef 3 (the 3rd wing of the K2 factory).

The manufactured products come in various types: Power products ranging from 7 to 830 kVA, covering our entire range except for high power. Standard or configured products that do not go through production lines L1/L2 (incompatible options). Rental or Industrial range products, both standard and non-standard. Stationary assembly products. Mobile assembly products (GXL/P4). Highly specific products (military, nuclear).

The production flow is likely the most diverse among all our workshops. The diversity of manufactured products requires effective and precise management to meet the specific needs of each category. In terms of workforce, this production flow is also the largest, with 98 people working in assembly and 15 people conducting tests on the benches.

Thanks to the commitment of the teams and all the support functions, we produce a wide range of different products, including a brand new Rental C5 line. Therefore, in the first quarter of 2023, the volume of produced gensets increased by +21% compared to 2022, which gives us good prospects for the upscaling challenge in 2023.


Kohler alongside the SNSM (National Society of Sea Rescue)!

Announced in advance during the open family day in Brest, we can now confirm the partnership between Kohler and the SNSM (29). The shared values we have with this association naturally led us to join forces.

The SNSM, primarily composed of volunteers, works towards the protection of communities and also raises awareness among the public about environmental protection and respect. The parallel in the mission between our two entities is also a clear nod.

This first year alongside the SNSM will allow us to support various actions such as equipment purchases, building renovations, and awareness campaigns.

Events and exhibitions

First session of trade shows for KPS EMEA: March to June

The choices of exhibitions are made in consultation with the General Management, the Sales Departments, and the Marketing Department. They rely on our short-term and long-term strategies, our perspectives, and the budget to decide which events KPS EMEA will participate in.

In recent years, we have reoriented our strategy regarding trade shows by focusing on smaller, higher-quality exhibitions, partly through a very rigorous selection of visitors.
From March to June, we will be exhibiting at no less than 8 trade shows,
including 6 events dedicated to the data center market.

The second session of trade shows takes place from October to December.
Stay tuned for more information!

KPS EMEA Exhibitions from Februar to June 2023


– Executive Hire Show, Coventry


– Data Center World, London


– Datacloud Global Congress, Monaco


– Data Center World, Frankfurt

– Data Center Dynamics, Madrid

– Data Center Nation, Milan


– Congress of Hospital Engineers in France, Paris

– Pan African DataCentres Exhibition & Conference, Johannesbourg

Global news

Kohler Co. Celebrates 150 Years of Bold Moves, Creativity, and Impact

In 2023, as Kohler embarks on its 150th anniversary, the global organization invites all associates, partners, and customers to participate in the celebration through a series of special events and activations around the world, including limited-edition product releases, commemorative apparel, and storytelling through digital content, all captured under the anniversary theme of « Come All Creators ».

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